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Almost A Bailout

Remember how the White House had like totally tied up that bailout deal yessiree-bob? And Democrats had it all worked out and were running that endlessly annoying "breaking news" ticker on CNBC even before the White House chimed in with that victorious (if droll) press conference? Ok, well, not so much. In fact, not at all. Not that this White House had much credibility in the first place, but this about puts a fork in it.

The White House was pressing skeptical Republicans in the Senate on Thursday to back a $14 billion bill to rescue the troubled auto industry but the measure appeared in danger of careening off the road.
With President George W. Bush's influence waning in the last days of his lame-duck administration, "no one cares what the White House thinks," a senior Republican aide said.

The big question is who has less credibility? Big Auto or the White House? We'll let you think about it for a bit.
Auto bailout faces rough road in Senate [Reuters]