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Bankruptcy Is Not An Option

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Nancy Pelosi has informed us all that Congress really has little choice but to throw money at the automakers. And, since they didn't get $25 billion when they asked for it, now the price has gone up to $34 billion. We have to admit, this entire process is beginning to feel somewhat familiar, particularly after we were permitted to listen to this voicemail recovered from Pelosi's office number:
"...and if $34 billion in unmarked bills is not delivered to the singing tunnel in Detroit Metro Airport's McNamara Terminal by the end of the month, one in ten jobs in the United States will executed, and there will be no more Ford 150 pickup trucks. Don't test us again, or you will regret it."
An aide to Pelosi refused to comment when we pointed out that the voice sounded suspiciously like Steve Feinberg holding a handkerchief over the microphone of an iPhone.
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