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Bernie Madoff Runs Free!

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In the confines of his East 64th Street penthouse. CNBC reports the joyous news that Bernie Madoff, whose bond hearing was previously scheduled for yesterday at 1PM, then postponed 'til today at 2PM so he could find a couple of people to co-sign the thing, has been canceled. According to a sufficiently vague filing, the terms of the bail agreement "have been modified" and thus leave no need for this afternoon's meeting. Also, wife Ruth has agreed to surrender her passport. It's unclear if that is standard procedure (as of yesterday she was a signatory on the $10 million bond), or if it's 'cause authorities have realized she's the mastermind of the whole thing.
Update: Brace yourselves, as no one, ourselves included, saw this coming. Berns was apparently unable to find two more people, in addition to his wife and brother, to co-sign the deal. Instead-- since just sending him to jail wasn't an option...-- authorities allowed Ruth Madoff to put up two more properties for collateral (houses in Montauk and Palm Beach). Lady Madoff has also agreed to a 7PM to 9AM curfew. Mr. Madoff will have one of those electronic collars around his ankle, a la Martha. So that's fun.
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