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Closing Bell: 12.24.08

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Beauties Hit With Madoff Mud (NYP)
The Post does quite the hit job on the Noel sisters today, digging up anonymous sources who share that Lisina was prone to wearing white mink coats during her teens, that in their mother's native Brazil the girls were known as the "Aspirina Sisters because they gave the Brazilian girls headaches by always stealing their boyfriends," and that four of the five slept with the same guy in college. So, okay, DISGUSTING, but whatever. Not whatevs, and in fact totally unacceptable? Bringing the lovable and smiley Arki Busson, EIM founder/Madoff victim, into this with the "dirt" that he "didn't start off in high finance either" and was in a movie in the 80s.
Hunting Monica & Walter Noel (Cityfile)
The team at Cityfile, who we love but who we must say is sorely out of practice with prank phone calls, tried all of the Noel family's phone numbers (homes, cells) they could get their hands on until Monica answered. Then they hung up.
If The Money Didn't Go To Charity, Then Where Did It Go? (Guest of a Guest)
Mostly themselves, but a little to Republicans.
And speaking of the (Fairfield) Greenwich branch of the Madoff Movie of the Week, we were recently passed on this highly, highly, highly unfounded, possibly baseless rumor about the Noels and their white Christmases past:

A friend (who works for an law enforcement organization that goes by a three letter name beginning with "F" and ending in "I") tells me that Corina Noel's husband, Andrés Piedrahita, may have done something fatally stupid by placing 2x-3x-laundered Columbian Drug Cartel money into the FFG-Madoff sinkhole.
This was apparently the "cleanest money," that took 10-15% in costs, commissions
and fees and years to make it that clean--the stuff the Columbians struggle to get that clean.
Andrés and Corina have "disappeared," because they don't want to permanently "disappear."
Michael de Picciotto is in the same boat.
Apparently, already there is a "gallows-humor" dispute in DoJ over who gets to inform
Andrés and Corina that:
1) The AG will not allow them to take a single US penny of tainted money with them;
2) There is no "VIP" or "Born to Privilege" level to the USFWPP;
And this is before they have even knocked on the door of DoJ.