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Closing/Holiday/Whatever Bell: 12.30.08

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$$$ Noel family Noël cards [Daily Intel]
$$$"The Noel sisters-- with not a divorce or scandale among them-- seem to have heeded the wisdom of their grandmother Trudy Haegler, who once wrote up her own 10 commandments for the family's future brides, including: "Make your husband believe he is your Lord and Master, no matter what the feminists say"; "Tend to your home and kitchen with the greatest zeal and ardor, constantly renewing your imagination"; "Enjoy sex to the utmost. It is the key to happiness and a cure for almost all ailments, physical and spiritual."
"Golden in Greenwich." A 2002 article on the Noel girls' from Vanity Fair. [Business Sheet]
$$$ Bethany McLean on Fannie Mae's Last Stand [VF]