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CNBC Can't Decide Which SUPER SALACIOUS STORY It Wants To Tell About John Mack And Lloyd Blankfein

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Charlie Gasparino and the Power Lunch gang could hardly keep their giggles under wraps just now, reporting the breaking story that the CEO's of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were spotted eating dinner together on Monday at the Palm, and, sources tell them, have been dining together regularly. Could this signal a merger, CNBC wonders? Senior executives at both firms say no, that is not the case, but rather that Mack and Blankfein are merely commiserating about being bank holding companies, and strategizing how they're going to deal with their new status. Oh noes for CNBC! Think, damn it, think! If the story about GS and MS merging is bull shit, what would make an even bigger (fake) story?? [snaps fingers] How about a "developing LOOOOVE story"?
Sources tell CNBC this relationship became "increasingly intimate" just after the Lehman bankruptcy and since insiders have shot down merger rumors, it must mean the two are fucking! But wait, we're talking about two guys, so how is that possible? Michelle Caruso-Cabrera asks, hehehe, "Which one is the girl," hehehe. Gasparino's sources tell him Mack paid so I guess it must be him? Probably, though sources tell Dealbreaker that the MS CEO is actually a bit of a feminist and insists on trading off. Since Blankfein grabbed the bill on their last date at a leather bar, it was only fair for the Mackster to get this one.