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Don't Call Him A Raider (And Don't Call It A Comeback- He's Still Down)

We snicker to ourselves (sort of out loud though) when we hear anything about T. Boone. (One letter less and we'd have ourselves an excellent Gangsta' Rapper name).
The Pickens seems to have gotten himself all twisted around. Long on oil when he should have been short, flat when he should probably be long. Hard to marvel at the old guy anymore, except to shake your head at the political morass his causes have become.

These days they have another name for people who do what I did. Carl Icahn and I laugh about it. He says that if I had hung around longer as a raider, I'd be known as an "activist stockholder." That's a better title.

(Does anyone else think the article title is TMI?)
T. Boone Pickens Uncut [Men.]