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Don't Worry, After $280 In Interest Payments You Get A Free Book (Softcover Only)

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The last hits of dignity gone, Citi has finalized terms on the world's largest rewards program partnership with Amazon. The timing is perfect, given the $2 trillion in lines various credit card firms will be pulling over the next several months. Of course, all of us over here at Dealbreaker have immediately scrapped plans to shred our Citicards and we are looking forward to using our newly acquired points to buy upcoming books on how to invest like Ivy endowments. It's the perfect recession combination.

The partnership gives 13 million Citi card members who use a variety of Citi cards the ability to shop online at Amazon, the Seattle-based Internet retailer offering a broad range of merchandise.

Phew. After a decade of waiting we will finally be able to use a credit card to shop on Amazon. What took so long?
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