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Dreier Sheets

And you thought he had only stolen about $100 million. Bollocks! The "Houdini of impersonation" (U.S. Attorneys have the most colorful nicknaming skills) has bilked unnamed funds out of $380 million. U.S. Attorneys also have great powers of suggestion. Tell us, what's the first thing you think when we tell you he has $40 million in art hanging on his office walls? Exactly.
Of course, no one wants to admit to being duped by the guy, so we are relying on you to give us the dirt. Who was it? You guys are the best informed readers in the financial tabloid world. We know you know. Let's start naming some names. Fortress was only named because they were smart enough (or simply not quite dumb enough) to fall for Houdini. That's no fun, at all.
Lawyer Dreier, 'Houdini of Impersonation,' U.S. Says [Bloomberg]