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Eliot Spitzer Disappointed By Treasury Secretary-Designate's Inability To Get Out Of The Box

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You know how old people can kind of be unfiltered assholes? Probably 'cause they figure, fuck it, I'm old and I don't care (who I insult), etc? I'm sure many of you came to the conclusion eons ago that Eliot Spitzer was a bit of a self-righteous prick, but it's still marginally entertaining to watch him embrace his inner dick and just let it all hang out, since it's not like he's got potential voters-- or anyone really-- to impress anymore. Spitz was asked recently by Moe Tkacik what he thought of Obama's pick for Treasury Secretary, New York Fed Chair Tim Geithner. Sayeth Eliot:

"Tim is a good guy, but he's not a thinker. He's the status quo."