Fictions And Colored Facts From The Big Three


1. "I took a train here." (Jim Press apparently totally misses the point here. Why didn't you drive? Right. Exactly).
2. "It's not a bailout, its a loan." (Not if you never pay it back it isn't. And if all you need is a loan, issue more debt. Oh, wait, no one will lend to you? Right. That's why we call it a "bail out.")
3. "It's not our cars that are hurting us here. It's the global credit crunch." (A clearer sign that the big three are out to lunch you will not find).
4. "We've totally changed in the last four years."
5. "The UAW trust is paying for worker health care so that's not our expense anymore." (And who is funding the UAW trust? Hate to break it to you, but health care isn't free just because you altered the accounting on it so when people say that a worker costs $75 per hour you have something to say to confuse the issue).
6. "We only need $25 billion dollars."
7. "We only need $34 billion dollars." (It's looking like $38 billion already and their proposals for $34 billion have only been out for a few days).
Who will finally stop the madness?


Twinkie Trump

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