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Get It Off Your Chest

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Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's birthday party-cum-fundraiser (for himself) was held last week and it sounds like we missed quite the party, ladies. Though the whole CEO gang was invited, there were apparently no Vikrams or Blankfeins or Thains to speak of, but Bloomberg was there, as was once important actor, Matt Dillon. Probably way more importantly was that the non-party goers among us were unable to witness Cuomo PDAs with new gal pal Sandra Lee, the Food Network star pictured at left. Plus, the whole roast by younger brother Chris Cuomo, which was apparently "scathing." Hey, idea. Since we all missed out hearing people tell Andy how they really feel (in a humorous, just kidding way, of course!) why don't we all take a moment to share our thoughts on the old boy now.