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Goldman's Memory Challenged

The best financial tabloid readers in the world (that's you) aren't buying Goldman's Made-off denial. Some of the comments we've gotten include:

"Guess my memory of 7 years ago isn't what it used to be. They are being disingenuous though. They did extensive due diligence on Tremont repping other buyer, side by side with Oppenheimer. Their buyer, Rabo or ABN, made multiple offers before dropping out."

"Goldman is full of shit. Their client put multiple bids in. What a bunch of hacks."

"Either Mr. Du Vally was not around in 2001 or he is misinformed. Goldman's client made several bids on Tremont before Opp. won the bidding. They lost they auction - they were an active bidder."

"I think Goldman is engaging in a bit of revisionist history. This is too bad because it is an easy lie to catch them in."

We quote, you decide.