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Hitler Investment Securities Would Probably Preferable At The Moment*

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ELAINE: The whole city is talking about this monster Joel Rifkin, and I am dating a Joel Rifkin.
JERRY: But you like your Joel Rifkin.
ELAINE: Yeah. I just wish he has a different name.
JERRY: Ask him to change it.
ELAINE: You can't ask a person to change their name.
JERRY: Why not?
ELAINE: Would you change yours?
JERRY: If someone asked me nicely. I'm Claude Seinfeld.
(Kramer enters)
ELAINE: Hey, how many people did Rifkin strangle? Eighteen?
JERRY: Yeah. Eighteen strangles.
MADOFF SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL LTD in London says not in any way part of Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities LLC [Forbes]
*Double meaning there.