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Holiday Housekeeping

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Since one of your fellow commenters has brought to light the plight of the less gifted contingent of the Dealbreaker community, we figured we'd remind them once again, in case it was missed previously, and previous to that:

Programming Note: We're on an abbreviated vacation-esque schedule 'til the first Monday of '09 (opening/closing wraps and very limited updates whenever the urge to reach out and touch you moves us). We still want to hear from you, though, so if Glenview closes up shop, or Bernie Madoff slips in the shower and you've got pics, do not hesitate to let us know.

Now, until we get back which, as indicated above, could be at any time, talk amongst yourselves. Here, conversation starter: New Year's and your plans. For those of you in need of inspiration, after the jump, a preview of how our favorite Stamfordian is planning on kicking off the night:

*Except he'll be doing this on skates.