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Obviously there are going to many lessons to be learned from the Bernie Madoff Movie of the Week, including but not limited to "don't run a Ponzi scheme" and "you wouldn't think it, but apparently fishing is a good enough alibi." One big one, mostly for the now destitute victims of the scam, is to diversify. You have got to diversify! Not only with your investments, but also in life. For instance: if your father, let's call him Walter Noel, Fairfield Greenwich Group founder, is going to put a metric fuckton of his assets into a Ponzi scheme, let's call it Madoff Investment Securities LLC, maybe don't marry one of his employees.

Noel girls: Ariane Sodie (the smart one), Alix Toub, Lisina Della Schiava, Corina Piedrahita, and Marisa Brown at their father Walter's house on Mustique.
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*Or encourage said spouse, employed elsewhere pre-marriage, to say thanks but no thanks to dad.