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How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth, Act II

B: "Hey, Mark, Andrew? Boys? I want to talk to you for a minute. Now... you know how long I've been watching out for you? How I've spent years guiding and shaping your lives, and providing for you?"
M: "We love you, Dad. You know that."
A: "Aren't we playing golf today?"
B: "But, boys... listen to me."
A: "We have fishing planned next week, don't we?"
M: "I almost forgot about the fishing!"
B: "Ok, I want to be serious for a minute."
A: "We are very serious about fishing and golf."
M: "Very serious!"
B: "Listen, boys. Just look at me."
A&M (in unison): "Ok, Dad"
B: "I want to make sure I look out for you financially. Be sure nothing happens... make sure you maximize your returns. "
M: "Uh... yeah, forget it, Dad."
A: "It's not that we don't trust you, Dad. It's just that we don't trust you with our money."
M: "Lehman Brothers seems like a much better spot to me."
A: "I'm awfully happy with how Neuberger Berman is working out at the moment."
B: "You boys are breaking my heart. Breaking it."
A: "Ok, where are my clubs?"
M: "You left them in the plane."
A: "Oh, yeah."
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