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It's Better In The Ukraine

One thing that we would really like to see more of here in the United States is protests over economic and market conditions. We aren't quite sure why Wall Street types don't take to well... Wall Street after a 400 point drop in the Dow and start blowing their horns in unison.
For our money, the Ukraine has got it figured out:

Thousands of car drivers in the Ukrainian capital angrily blew their horns for several minutes Monday, protesting what they call incompetent and corrupt government policies that led to a devastating financial crisis.
The Ukrainian currency has lost some 40 percent of its value since September as a fall in the export of steel, the heart of the economy, led to a shortage of foreign currency. That was coupled with a loss of confidence in the hryvna and the banking system.
"We've had enough of the authorities," said one protester, Ihor Ratushny.

Damn authorities.
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