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Layoffs Watch '08: CNBC

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I know this is going to upset you, girls, so I'll just put it out there and we'll move on right quick. 55 employees were shown the door yesterday in Englewood Cliffs, which is upsetting yes, but, on the bright side, did not reach the 80-person level that has been previously predicted. We can also breathe a huge collective sigh of relief that no one from the Gasparino Variety Show, high (the big man himself) or low (the troika of staffers who are responsible for packing his gym bag every night, mixing his Myoplex shakes, and calling ahead at San Pietro's to make sure his table is available) was given the ax. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Donny Deutsch, whose show is "going on hiatus," and which sources say "didn't seem to fit the environment in the current economic crisis."