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Long Clinton

Yeah, we know we have to deal with this other guy for the duration or so, but we are betting that those years are going to look a lot like the Carter Administration, and last about as long. (Hey, OPEC, you listening? Get it together people). How likely is this administration to see a second term? Let's analyze:
1. Lofty (to say the least) expectations.
2. Dismal (to say the least) prospects.
3. The early signs of class warfare. Certainly, it has been declared on us. ("Schemes and Greed?" That's our bloody job description!)
4. Dangerous rumblings in the land of the rock-grown poppy.
5. Japanic.
6. Imminent death of organized labor predicted.
Yeah, so, we're going long Clinton. If nothing else, she's got a great card to play in the Middle East with the price of oil where it is and a conflict with Iran brewing. Secretary of State fits her nicely. We're all over it.

Hedge fund managers and their charitable foundations are amply represented among the largest donors to former President Bill Clinton's charity, according to a list of donors released yesterday.
While the focus has been on the foreign governments who have given generously to the Clinton Foundation--it is believed that the list was released as part of a deal between Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), and President-elect Barack Obama allowing Sen. Clinton to be appointed Secretary of State--alternative investments players have also donated millions.

Hedgies Among Big Donors To Clinton Foundation [FinAlternatives]


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