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More Madoff Family Photos

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One aspect of this whole Madoff sitch that's plagued a lot of people is the issue of whether or not Bernie worked alone. From the get go, we were convinced that the sons, Mark and Andy, employees one and two, were in on it. How could they not be right? Then we watched some watched some footage of them giving fishing to tutorials and were sufficiently convinced that these two had no idea what daddy was up to. Then the matter of duo not letting their father get his hands on their charitable trusts came to light, and we were back on the guilty verdict. Now, checking out this picture of Mark, posing on, you guessed it, a fishing outing, looking like a veritable himbo, we're once again at a loss. Not trying to be unkind here but, making a snap judgment, he looks idiotic enough that we could believe Madoff Senior told Junior (and his brother) exactly what was going on but the next generation just didn't get it (or were too busy stringing his pole to let it penetrate).