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Noel Family Cancels Christmas?

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Charles K. Ponzi, no! Times Online reports that Corina Noel, the eldest daughter of Fairfled Greenwich founder Walter Noel, and her husband, FFG partner Andrés Piedrahita, may have canceled their annual Christmas trip to Mustique. Apparently friends (Spanish billionaire Alberto Cortina, former Asprey owner Lawrence Stroll, EIM founder Arki Busson, etc) have been trying desperately to find out if everything's going to business as usual this year, but no one will give them an answer! Should they make plans alternative to the traditional meet up on Boxing Day in Barbados, fly to Mustique by private jet, eat "turkey in the sunshine at Yemanja, the Noel family holiday home, and enjoy views that are reputed to be the best on the island" or what? Andrés and Corina have reportedly gone MIA, "refusing to answer calls to their Belgravia townhouse or their home in Madrid." I'm going to go on record saying, not delusionally but in the spirit of Christmas hope, that we shouldn't jump to conclusions. The couple may very well be busy orchestrating an even grander surprise the likes of which will be revealed to us post haste; soon we'll all laugh about questioning their commitment to throwing a lavish party as Greenwich burns in the background, while we max and relax on the island. Because honestly? There is no other acceptable alternative. Let me remind you what we'd be giving up: