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Not Getting Laid Watch '08

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Hey-o, ground breaking study from the Post Institute coming at ya! Though many of you have found that the lower a lady's self-esteem, the easier it is to cash in, apparently it does not go both ways. According to "experts," your libidos have "gone the way of the Dow as struggles with economy-related stress, depression and anxiety are at an all-time high." Two ladies weigh in. A 30-year old Brooklyn lawyer whose boyfriend of six years (...), previously employed by Lehman Brothers, has gotten laid once since her man friend got the ax from BarcLehs two months ago (apparently they were averaging 4 times/week prior to the canning). A fashion flack in her early 30s claims that previously "hot" sex with a "hedge-fund honcho" turned cold once the HFH's firm started taking it up the A and he got all got all "depressed." Resident Wall Street therapist, my pal Alden Cass, offers the $500/hour insight that "Finances are imploding, and some of these guys are feeling very guilty for allowing this to happen...They're dealing with emotional drain, burnout, depression and anxiety. All these things take a toll on sex drives." So! Is this wildly off base, or ringing any bells for any of you?