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Power Playas

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As you've probably heard, CNBC would like you to decide who should be bestowed with the dubious honor of this year's "Power Player." Unfortunately, with the exception of the Dollar Dominatrix, their options are woefully lacking in "playas." We've rectified that, after the jump. We ask you to please choose ever so wisely, as there is a highly coveted prize at stake.

And it comes from the holiday edition of the Dealbreaker clothing line. That's right, one ultra-luxe tee-shirt bearing the man, the myth, the Rego Park legend, Charlie Gasparino's face on the front, and the 8 ways you cant get to his heart (by which we mean, his gabagool) on the back. Also: if the demand is high enough-- and let's be honest, it will be-- we'll be selling these to the peanut gallery as well. Finally-- the best comment left here to day, on the matter of Power Playas, will receive the highly coveted Greenspan T (AG's mug, and the quote "maestro69: preacha telling the truth and it hurts' on the front"; the 3 rules from maestro's play(a)book--1. talk like you know your shit, even when you don't 2. cut rates like a Thai hooker with the clap 3. when in doubt, print it out-- on the back).

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