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Presented Without Comment (Except The Unbridled Laughter You Hear In The Background)

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Even in the post-Sarbanes Oxley, post-Enron environment, accountants have continued to enjoy a solid reputation among the public, and among business decision makers. That's a testament to your integrity and professional competence. Business executives -- your clients -- give you a favorability rating of 95%. At the SEC, where we're focused on investor protection, we're most impressed that investors give you a favorability rating of 97%. That's as close to perfect as you're likely to get in this life. None of this means that anyone in this room can afford to be complacent. You have a reputation, and a future, to protect. Together, we've all got to remain vigilant.
The role of the accounting profession, at its core, is parallel to that of the SEC. We both have the goal of ensuring full and accurate financial information is reported by companies. And in fact, given that the AICPA's history dates back even further than the SEC's, it was left for accountants to handle the Panic of 1884 on their own when this market crash hit the country.

Cox Remarks Before the AICPA National Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments []