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Say It To His Face

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Yes, the whole Madoff "scandal" seems real but I know you'll all agree that it's not official until Geoffrey Raymond, the greatest artist of our time, chimes in. For those of you waiting, that day has come. We just received word from Raymond that despite working on a Pandit at the moment, he's decided to drop everything and put his back into Bernie. On one condition-- Dealbreaker readers' participation. Raymond writes:

I was reading a sidebar in The Post yesterday showing high profile people who had significant positions with Madoff's company and the stunning criminality of the thing really hit me hard. I'm painting Pandit right now but my heart isn't into it. But Bernie ... man, he's got my juices flowing.
My thought is this:
Let me paint him and you (as you so graciously do) post him in an unannotated state with a request for reader annotations. Whatever they want to say to Madoff, I'll put on the canvas. I want to hear from everyone, especially investors. Hopefully Fairfield will weigh in to tell me how they feel.

Raymond also added that while he will likely go with the standard head and shoulders, alternative visions for positions will be considered, should any come to you.