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Tremont / Made-off Docs

Investment Objective and Strategy
The Partnership seeks to provide investors with long-term capital growth and a return linked to a three times levered exposure to the economic performance of the Rye Select Broad Market Fund, L.P. (the "Reference Entity"). The Partnership intends to achieve this return by entering into a total return swap transaction with one or more designated counterparties (each a "Counterparty") on a leveraged basis (the "Swap" or the "Transaction"). Furthermore, if, at any time, it becomes advantageous to achieve the foregoing investment objective by utilizing another type of investment transaction (e.g., note, option, etc.), the Partnership, in its sole discretion, may discontinue its use of the Swap in whole or in part. At present, the General Partner (as defined herein) serves as general partner to the Reference Entity. The General Partner may, from time to time in its sole discretion, invest the Partnership's assets directly in the Reference Entity (and other investment vehicles of which the General Partner may or may not serve as general partner) or in any other manner that the General Partner, in its sole discretion, believes is consistent with the investment objective of the Partnership.

Rye Select Broad Market XL Fund LP - PPM 12.1.08.pdf
Rye Select Broad Market XL Fund, L.P - Fact Sheet.pdf
Rye Select Broad Market XL LP - Subscription_Agreement 12 1 08 _FINAL_.pdf
Rye Select Broad Market XL LP -LP Agreement 12.1.08.pdf
Tremont - Form ADV Part II.pdf
Tremont - Privacy Policy.pdf