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Tricky (Mrs.) Dick

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Far be it from us to judge the now destitute wives of once rich husbands, and, in fact, we're actually sharing this not so much as a criticism but as a service guide to the many of you who'll find yourselves in the same position in the near future (Ken, Bernie, etc). According to Daily Beast Kathy Fuld, wife of erstwhile billionaire Dick Fuld, has been having some difficulty adjusting to her new lifestyle as a merely marginally rich woman. Once a proud shopper, Lady Fuld has apparently taken to breaking her sessions into $5,000 to $10,000 hits and doing so in secrecy, like a regular junkie. For now, she's apparently just asking stores to give her unmarked bags so as to not draw attention to the fact that she's buying items that could go a long way in paying off her husband's bookies (no judgment!). But it's a slippery slope to making her purchases out on Long Island.


Mr. And Mrs. Mathew Martoma In Surprisingly Good Spirits Considering Someone's Recent Workplace Drama

Earlier today, former CR Intrinsic employee Mathew Martoma made an appearance in federal court re: the matter of his being charged with insider trading during his time with the SAC Capital unit. The hearing was merely to set the terms his bail-- lenient enough that they allow him to travel throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, and parts of New York, though not so generous so as to allow for visits with old friends in the Nutmeg State-- with a follow up meeting with the Judge James Cott set for December 26th. Joining Mathew at the courthouse today was his wife, Rosemary, and while we expected brave faces and a united front from the couple, we didn't expect smiles and jokes for the cheap seats.