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Who Is On Erin Burnett's To Kill List?

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Or, rather, Erin Burnett's "To Harm" list? Those of you watching the last two minutes of Squawk Box this morning saw the heartwarming gift exchange between Erin Burnett and Mark Haines. I missed what EB gave to MH, but Big M apparently gifted his co-star with "a voo-doo kit." Now, we were under the impression that CNBC was one big happy family (with Charlie Gasparino playing the (choose one) (a) uncle (b) crazy neighbor (c) butcher) but apparently, not so much. The last thing we heard E to the B say was, "I know just whose hair I need to gather" but damn her producers all to hell, we were left hanging! So.

*Note: I've included you know who but think about it before selecting because honestly, that's what they want you to say. Too easy.

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