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Write-Offs: 12.08.08

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$$$Excellent article on our favorite vertically challenged seller, Jim Chanos. More tomorrow. Today:

At Yale, he quickly gave up on a premed major and signed up for economics classes. But despite his lanky frame and Coke-bottle glasses, Chanos didn't want to be a nerd. He rowed crew, chaired his dorm's social committee, and threw boozy postgame parties for his friends on the hockey team. "He was one of those special guys who could light the candle at both ends and never get burned," says his former suitemate Keith Allain, who now coaches Yale's hockey team. "When he had parties, he spent the week before making mixtapes. He introduced me to Bob Seger."

$$$Larry Gagosian to staff: "If you would like to continue working for Gagosian I suggest you start to sell some art...The luxury of carrying under-performing employees is now a thing of the past." [Gawker]
$$$Zell on Tribune, in His Own Words [DB]
$$$ Another Pink Slip Party is planned for this week. Wednesday, December 10th at M1-5 (52 Walker Street, Tribeca).