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You Are A Big Bunch Of Thieves And Liars And I'm Not Inviting You To My Birthday Party

"Your inferiority sickens me. My superiority makes it all but impossible even to endure knowledge of your existence. There is, however, at least this: all your scumbaggery makes you the prefect target for my indignant ire, my evolutionary perfection. Even the likes of the senior Goldman Sachs executive is not worthy enough to painstakingly moisturize in the slow evaporation of my bath water.
You have been trying to ignore me for years, but now, as I reflect the glint from my Nobel Prize from the back row into your eyes during your presentation on the dangers of Value At Risk models, I can hear the irritation in your voice. You cannot ignore me forever. Not anymore. Not now that the New York Times prints whatever I write without so much as editorial review. All your Op-Ed are belong to me. Me, do you hear me? My star is rising. My time has come. I will leave you as you once left me. Buried alive. Even now I can hear the rage rising in you. Before long, the echoing scream 'Krugman!'"

The Madoff Economy
[The New York Times]