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Bank Of AmerillWide Green Peace

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BAC has issued the official word on no more styrofoam, plastic, etc. They've yet to address the potential feedbag sitch but it'll likely be forthcoming.

New bank policy reduces waste, benefits environment
Mon 12 Jan 2009
What will change for associates?

* Distribution of the reusable mug will occur between Jan. 19 and Feb.15, 2009
* Polystyrene products no longer will be available through eRequest as of Feb.15, 2009
* Plastic utensils and paper dining products no longer will be available through eRequest as of Feb. 15, 2009.
In support of Bank of America's commitment to address global climate change, reduce waste and control spending, the bank is discontinuing the availability of polystyrene (Styrofoam®) cups from its office supplies catalog on eRequest. A branded, reusable mug will be distributed to all U.S.-based associates as an environmentally friendly and more cost-effective alternative to disposable cups.
"The negative effects of polystyrene foam products, more commonly known as Styrofoam, on our environment are well documented," said Mark Nicholls, Corporate Workplace executive. "Styrofoam cups are designed to be thrown away immediately and can take hundreds of years to deteriorate in a landfill. Even then, the material will never fully degrade. By eliminating our continuous use of Styrofoam cups, the bank is helping to reduce unnecessary spend and its consumption of raw materials, which has a positive impact on the environment."
As an added benefit, the new mug to be distributed to associates is fully recyclable and biodegradable, meaning that it will decompose under normal landfill conditions within one to five years. Regular, nonbiodegradable plastic can take up to hundreds of years to decompose. The mug will not decompose through its normal use as a beverage container.
To help further reduce consumption and waste, other disposable kitchen supplies, including plastic utensils and paper plates are being discontinued also. Associates who use these products are encouraged to bring nondisposable alternatives from home. Dish soap can continue to be ordered on eRequest, and paper towels will continue to be available in break room/kitchen areas though property management and do not need to be ordered.
The eRequest catalogue will continue to offer paper cups for use in customer-facing locations and for special events or client meetings. Paper cups are not intended for everyday associate use. The Bank of America Corporate Expense Policy has been updated to reflect these new guidelines.
Answers to Office Beverage Ware Initiative Frequently Asked Questions are available for associates who have additional questions.