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Bernie Madoff, Unmemorable Frat Boy

This has got to hurt. The Timesreports that save for the time he "invited a girl all the way from New York" to a formal at the University of Alabama, Bernie Madoff's Sammy brothers don't really recall jack about the Ponz. master. Martin Brill told writer Allen Salkin ('s dad, who overlapped in the house with Berns for a year), "There isn't much about Bernie that stands out in my mind. He was a low-key sort of guy who stayed out of trouble but also lacked any outstanding personality trait." Malcom Lindy noted harshly, "He wasn't an outstanding athlete or outstanding with girls. I just don't remember anything outstanding about him." Leonard E. Indianer said he "doesn't recall [Madoff] at all." There is hope, for the sake of Bernie-boy's ego, however, in Nancy Daar's categoric denial. Nancy, Arthur Daar's widow, claimed vehemently that her husband "never, ever mentioned Bernard," implying that the two didn't even know each other. But Dealbreaker readers know better. The real subtext here is deeply repressed shame over Madoff beating out Daar for the title of fastest ookie-cookie finisher during hell week. Didn't know him, my ass.