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Bonus Watch: Morgan Stanley

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Though we were pretty sure the cannoli surprise back in October was intended to be a hint as to what employees at Morgan Stanley could expect come bonus time, it seems as though John Mack has come through yet again for the Mackettes. The following numbers are apparently confirmed, for "a blend of industry and product bankers" (they do not include base pay, and it's unclear what the mix of cash vs. deferred cash vs. stock is). According to one of the happy government workers at 1585, "I was surprised how high they came out, but given who's left (the A-team), not surprising that they are being taken care of."


Bonus Watch '13: Morgan Stanley CEOs

The bad news: James Gorman's pay fell 30 percent this year. The good news: he's now in a position to show employees how to take these setbacks like a man, rather than grumbling like someone who puts their compensation in a one-year context to define their overall level of happiness.