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Circuit City: Higher Prices! Even In Liquidation!

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Consumer Reports Reports:

For example, at the liquidation, a 50-inch Panasonic plasma TV was discounted to $1,800, a $200 savings. That might sound like a bargain, but if you check the circular you'll see that Circuit City had planned to cut the price this week by $500. What's more, we found the same model online for $1,365, including free shipping.
An HP all-in-one printer, at the liquidation for $270, was scheduled to be on sale for $150. And we found it as low as $135 online. A Garmin GPS system, discounted to $225, was $160 in the circular and $141 online.
Despite the modest discounts, the checkout counter was mobbed. We repeatedly overheard salespeople telling customers that they had run out of merchandise. Shoppers were undeterred by signs proclaiming that all sales are final; that the store no longer was accepting the Circuit City credit cards, personal checks, or coupons; and that it wouldn't match competitors' prices.

This is either massive genius, or complete incompetence, depending on how the liquidation goes.
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