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Citi Cracks Down On Travel

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Everyone's flying coach! And by "everyone," we of course mean the peons. Vikram and Co. will get their private jet yet.

From: Morgan McKenney, CFO - Global Transaction Services
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 6:54 PM
To: *AA All Global Transaction Services Employees
Subject: GTS Expense Restrictions
Dear GTS Colleagues:
Given the challenging macroeconomic environment globally, we are implementing a number of additional expense restrictions within Global Transaction Services, effective immediately, to ensure that we are pursuing all options to save on expenses that will not have an impact on our ability to execute for our clients with excellence.
Key areas of expense restrictions are summarized below, and will be added shortly as a link to the Citigroup Expense Management Policy (CEMP). These changes are more restrictive than the CEMP and will save our business millions of dollars this year. Thanks in advance for your support in adhering to these restrictions. Please contact [redacted] with any questions.
Air Travel must be non-refundable coach/economy class with 7 day advance purchase, unless otherwise indicated below:

* Refundable air travel may be purchased for multi-leg international coach/economy class
* Business-class air travel is permitted only for client facing, red-eye flights over 8 hours
* Employees MUST book all non-revenue generating travel in advance (7 days +) to obtain best pricing, unless for documented, preapproved emergency travel
* Employees are urged to book revenue generating travel in advance (7 days +)
* Where possible use video conferencing as an alternative to travel
* First-class air travel is not permitted
Cellular phones
* Citi will reimburse business-related charges from an employee's cellular phone up to $200/month - a corporate calling card should be used for any calls that will incur charges outside the monthly plan
* The method used to calculate reimbursement is to divide the total number of minutes used for business by the total number of monthly plan minutes and to multiply this number by the base usage charge (including applicable taxes)
* The employees' cell phone plan must include a corporate discount or 20% will be deducted from the reimbursement
* International calls must be made with a calling card
Hotel phones
* Long distance charges from hotels are non-reimbursable - a calling card must be used
* Blackberry devices (or equivalent) must be purchased through Citi Procurement Services
* Devices for VP or below require Exception Approval
* Current population will be revalidated
Meals while traveling
* Meal Caps reduced to $65/person/day for non-designated locations and $125/person/day for London
Car Service
* Black cars in New York City (below 86th St) from 8am-10pm will not be re-imbursed
Non-Revenue Generating Regulatory or Supervisory Travel
* Non-Revenue Generating Regulatory or Supervisory travel requires Exception Approval
* Travel for internal workshops and meetings should continue to be actively scrutinized, and video conference used if critical