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Cosmos Mobbed Up?

CNBC touched on a dirty little rumor. "Hedge fund manager" Nicholas Cosmos once owed $139k to the Genovese crime family, an amount that was at least partially paid by members of the Gambino family.
This could mean he was seriously connected. Or just that he was in the construction business and an obsessive gambler. Take your pick. Says a friend of Dealbreaker "Yes, yes, you can see it in the eyes."
Says CNBC in a Charles Gasparino exclusive:

A former Genovese family associate, Michael Durso, who is now in the federal witness protection program, and another associate met Cosmo in in the late 1990s, sometime around 1997, and it was at that time when they put pressure on Cosmo to pay around $139,000 owed to loan sharks connected with the Genovese family, according to people with knowledege of the matter.
At one point, members of the Gambino family intervened on Cosmo's behalf and paid some of the debt, these people said.
Durso, these people say, has been in contact with the FBI about his alleged involvement with Cosmos. An attorney for Cosmo when informed about the alleged connections with New York crime families had no comment.


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