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Dealbreaker Afterdark: The Watch Is Key

Ok c'mon. Given that the watch (just revealed enough to identify what is supposed to be a super-premium aviation model), cuff, and sleeve are so perfectly coordinated, how exactly are we supposed to believe that the totally paperless and totally spotless desk (sound familiar Made-off fans?), the tidy volumes, the oh-so-casually missing tie, the family picture and the charts in the background are anything but contrived? Candid picture? We think not.
Oh, and Marc(us), a Dealbreaker reader noticed that your mousepad is upside-down. That cushion is for your wrist.
Then there's this video, bearing the warning: This stunt shouldn't be attempted by any pilot that wishes to stay alive.
Do your own in-depth analysis on the high-resolution original:
Marc Schrenker [atGeist]