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Dear Aspiring White Collar Criminal...

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Have you considered Sarasota, Florida?
Culturally elegant and brimming with adventure, yet laid back and tranquil. This is a vacation destination like no other.
Wrapped with 35 miles of silken beachfront, Sarasota is a package of rich cultural history, sun-drenched islands, natural treasures and unlimited discoveries. Come ... get to know Sarasota and Her Islands and see for yourself what makes this area so remarkable.
You'll come for the white sands and breathtaking sunsets, but find there's so much more to discover in Sarasota and Her Islands when you go beyond the beaches. Family festivals and activities. Arts, music and film. Romantic, gourmet dinners. Golf, sailing and fishing. World-class shopping. Weddings full of wonder.
Our lax attitude towards living mirrors our lax attitude to law enforcement. You will be pleased to know that our easy going law enforcement officials spend little time running down white collar crime. In many cases simply the expression of the desire to be left alone is enough to prompt our officers to pursue other, more rewarding opportunities. Police have already given up looking for our latest distinguished visitor, the now missing hedge fund manager Arthur Nadel as it is clear "he doesn't want to be found."
Our inviting atmosphere and easy to live with regulatory environment, combined with a high concentration of high net worth individuals nearing the end of their intellectual and cerebral lives makes Sarasota an ideal place to relocate. Come find out for yourself that sunshine and shady characters go hand in hand!
Nadel 'Doesn't Want To Be Found,' Sheriff Says [FinAlternatives]


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