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Dennis Kneale Needs Midol, Stat

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It was palpably awkward moments earlier when Dennis Kneale introduced CNBC's "Silicon Valley bureau chief" Jim Goldman to discuss Steve Jobs's recent "hormone imbalance" disclosure by asking Goldman, "so this all had to with PMS or something?" His co-anchors wondered aloud why DK doesn't come with "a ten second delay" and put the request out that he be fitted with one for tomorrow.
But it turns out those of you quick to characterize this as yet another example of a Kneale brand of humor that serves both to be unfunny** and also gross everyone out (the previous instance being a 1-2 punch of his description of Victoria's Secret apparel as "slut wear" and a reference to buying said items for his "partner") are in the wrong. You see, ladies, Kneale wasn't actually making a painfully unfunny joke that obviously fell flat, but rather attempting to relate to his fellow PMS sufferers.
Remember back in March when, in the wake of SpitzerGate, Charlie Gasparino innocently asked on-air if Kneale used hookers? And Spectacles totally blew the whole thing out of proportion, flipped out on CG, and sentenced us to that screechy voice for like 2 minutes straight? CNBC staffers tell us it turns out the meltdown had less to do with Gasparino's question and everything to do with the matter of Kneale's hormones being momentarily out of whack, owing to the fact that he was about to get his period.

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**And most importantly misses the opportunity to ask, what do our colleagues at SAC think of all this?