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Did He Jump Out Of The Plane FOR Her Or Because Of Her?


The Post gives us this tantalizing hint on the possible status of Marcus Mistress Kelly Baker describing the days and moments before his last fateful flight:

Days before he tried to fake his death in a bizarre plane crash, accused swindler Marcus Schrenker pulled another brazen stunt - whisking his mistress away for a New Year's Eve tryst in Florida as authorities raided his wife's Indiana home.
The rogue investment manager, 38, flew girlfriend Kelly Baker, 31, to Key West....
She and Schrenker flew back home New Year's Day and are seen in the videotape lounging at a table in the airport lobby.
"She was sick - probably from the night before," said a source who saw the couple's return.
Video footage shows [Schrenker] calmly loading and checking his plane, and doing doughnuts on the snowy airfield in a pickup truck before takeoff.

On The Wings Of Lust [New York Post]