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Dreier Touched Elliott Management In The Bad Place

You have to hand it to this guy Dreier. He really managed to scam some sharp folks. Or perhaps we have a very over-inflated view of the collective sharpness of hedge funds with famous names and big AUMs.

Elliott's losses tied to the fraud accounted for less than 1 percent of the money it oversees, according to a person familiar with the firm.
"Elliott has been deceived more than once over the years, and it is likely to happen again in the future," the fund said in the letter.

Elliott Hedge Fund Bought Fictitious Securities From Dreier [Bloomberg]
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Elliott Becomes Private Equity Firm In Nick Of Time

Being a hedge fund just wasn’t working out well enough.

Elliott Management Doing Something Related To Private Equity, Tech

Whether this is a new something or an old something appears to be a point of debate between Bloomberg and the hedge fund.