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Excellent: Job Loss Remains Within Expectations Bogus: Expectations Were Painfully Low

Fueled by the increasing adoption of outsourced analysts in India and unattended fuel pumps that recite annoying sales on Hostess Cupcakes in perfect, unaccented English (both still illegal in New Jersey) over half a million jobs vanished in December, pulling unemployment up to 7.2% (a decade and a half high). At least 10% of the monthly figure is, however, accounted for by Citi and their heartless cancellation of the massive model train display this year. (Send your complaints to
Frankly, we were expecting more like -800,000. What say you, DealBreaker readers? Good news in disguise?
Unemployment Hits 7.2%, a 15-Year High [The New York Times]


Mess of New Jobs, Higher Unemployment Greet 2013

It seems like everyone's got it in for Treasurys this New Year.