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God's Banker?

Hey, want to manage cash for the Church of England? You don't even have to believe. Short selling might be out though.

The successful candidate will report to the 33 Church commissioners, who include the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, who are in charge of the Church of England's investments, which was most recently valued at £5.7bn at the end of 2007. The commissioners are based in London.

Ok, sounds good so far, except maybe the Archbishop part. To wit:

Last year, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, said, "To a bystander like me, those who made £190 million deliberately underselling the shares of HBOS, in spite of its very strong capital base, and drove it into the bosom of Lloyds TSB bank, are clearly bank robbers and asset strippers."
When asked whether the Church would consider employing fund managers who had shorted HBOS, the spokesman said: "Part of the appointments process is assessing a person's ability to work within the ethos laid down by the Church."

Einhorn, apparently you've got two strikes. (Short seller, Jewish). We still love you, though.
Still, since Sentamu is an experienced skydiver (see photo), I suspect he'd be better at executing the DB Cooper type escape after you two lost most of the Church's money than certain Indiana managers of recent fame.
(I wonder if they still think interest payments are a sin).
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