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Greenlight: We Have To Be Able To Laugh About This Stuff

Greenlight held its thirteenth annual partner dinner at the Museum of Natural History last night and the take-away, as previously prognosticated by us, is that David Einhorn is BACK. IN. THE. GAME. We say this not based on performance numbers, but on circumstantial evidence, that being the Green Lantern's decision to send investors home with a very special gift: If You Try To Please Everybody, You Will Lose Your Ass, a book by DE's father, Stephen Einhorn. Now, the cynical assholes among us will be quick to suggest that free books were all Einhorny could afford to distribute. WRONG-O.
The real implication is this: when you've got the the pair to offer investors anything less than "Sorry for losing your money" blow jobs, it's 'cause you've got something big (positive territory returns) on the horizon. Porno-Dave is going to be huge in '09.

Greenlight Capital: -22.7%
Greenlight Cap Qualified: -20.8%
Greenlight Offshore: -16.5%
PS: You know we love you, Einhorny! Call us! I'm not kidding!