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He's Grown Very Attached To That Ankle-Monitoring Bracelet, You Know

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A judge is set to rule as early as today if Bernie Madoff must leave the comforts of house arrest at 133 East 64th Street and head downtown but we want to know now, damn it! On the one hand, prosecutors say he should 'cause, among other things like the matter of a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, Madoff showed "disregard for the law" by sending out a little over a million dollars worth of jewelry to family and friends. On the other, they were just Hannukah gifts! Because of this legal sitch he's supposed to just up and forget the eight crazy nights? This whole thing is going to be over soon and when it is he's not going to be the grandfather that stiffed his grandkids, who we all know whole grudges for years. You would've done the same. Anyway, since you people are nothing if not magesterial prognosticators, ahead of the decision I want you to look into your crystal balls and tell me:

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