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We don't like to get too self-referential here on Dealbreaker but we make exceptions when it becomes necessary to call people out on their bull shit. Today's example is that of a well-known financial publication ripping off Dealbreaker. As you know, earlier today, we posted an internal memo from Citi, regarding the Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney talks. Because it's become something of a problem of other news outlets ripping off this here site, lately, when it comes to memos, we've been instituting our own theft-prevention measures. Which is why we can say with authority that a certain financial blog of the same initials as our own lifted the memo from us, without attribution. Because: 1. Mike Corbat never signed his title (CEO Citi Global Wealth Management) on the email, he only wrote "Mike." We added the title to give our readers context. But maybe the other news source simply had the same idea, which would explain why the title also appears on their version? Oh, except 2. The original timestamp on Mike's email was 9:39, and we changed it to 9:35. Just in case. Funny, SOMEONE's memo recreates these exact edits, as well. I wonder how that happened.

Update: For what it's worth, we're told Andrew Ross Sorkin, who was out of the office at the time of the theft, was not the person responsible for the theft. Carry on.