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January Is International Fugitive Month

Let's see, there's Marcus "DB" Schrenker, Jaffe (well, he claims he was sick so we assume that some federalle actually heard his voice on the phone and looked at the caller ID or something), and now Dennis Bolze, the Knoxville area trader who vanished in mid-December "after some of his investors failed to receive dividend payments and began asking questions."
As the details get thicker, a different kind of escape emerges:
No distress call. No dramatic plane accident. Just sudden, silent absence. Well done! I bet he got a good 14 day head start.

Bolze and his wife, Kathleen, were widely known as supporters of charities and often hosted fundraising events in their 16,000-square-foot Gatlinburg mountaintop home. The house is now unoccupied, and, according to reports, the furniture has been removed. Kathleen Bolze is believed to be living in the area....

Ah HA! He left her behind! Someone who knows how to follow the rules! The plot thickens.
Says former FBI agent, now private investigator for the investors:

So they trusted him and they invested a small amount. They would just get a statement printed out on his letterhead showing the current status of their investment, about how it had been used, and the thing that concerned me the most in looking at it, how they invested for years on a day to day basis is, it very rarely had a loss....

The FBI and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission are investigating, apparently. Any bets on what they will find?
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