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Ken Lewis: I Will Turn This Place Into The Smartest Bank On The Street Yet

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So, this is awk. If you thought Ken Lewis only dismissed employees from Bank of Amerillwide for spending 90k on rugs, you thought wrong, kemo sabes. Other fireable offenses in KL's mind seem to include the ability to identify cesspools pools fit for being consigned to the scrap heap of corporate history. We're told that Lewis, with the backing of former Countrywide CEO and current BAC fluffer Angelo Mozilo, got rid of Merrill bank analyst Ed Najarian after the firms merged research teams, despite the fact that his BAC counterpart, Ken Usdin, mostly covers the smaller firms, as does Heather Wolf, who was kept on from Merrill. Apparently the reason being cited by people who discuss these sorts of things is Najarian's sell call on Bank of America, though we're counting on one of you pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Charlie Gasparino, and find us some damning evidence of the scatological variety.
Reaffirm Sell [PDF]