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Ken Lewis Might Be Fired Tomorrow

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Or he might keep his job. Who knows, really? What we do know is that the Bank of Amerillwide CEO is scheduled to meet with the board tomorrow, and 24 hours is more than enough time for *someone* to leak evidence of the scatological variety to Charlie Gasparino that says KL's gotta go. According to NAB bank analyst Nancy Bush, who prognosticated Friday that Lewis would be gone by the end of the week, "We cannot rule out the possibility...that the roles of Chairman and CEO might be separated and a new CEO named in the near term, as we think that it is highly unlikely that large shareholders and other important constituencies are going to be happy with the preservation of the status quo." Either way, you can be sure to find Lewis here post-meeting, with former Countrywide CEO and current BAC wingman-in-residence Angelo Mozilo.